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Passwords are your key to your information, If the people have access to one of your accounts. They could get access to all your other accounts. Plus they could impersonate you by contacting or creating online accounts.

Thing to think about ?

  • How many characters do you have in your passwords ? 8 or more.
  • Do you use special characters in your password ?
  • Is your password simple or complex ?
  • Who have you shared your password with ?
  • Have you updated your password/s ?
  • How many password are the same ?

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Is your password strong enough?

Choose strong passwords for all your devices and accounts

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Home Network

Home network this is some think you need to think about, due to the possible security weakness.

Most of you have friends or visitors and when they ask to use your WiFi you have over the code.

This then allows them to access home network, that has all your personal devices connected.

We offer a solution to safe guard your network and devices. Please give use a call or fill in the Helpdesk form below and we can then help you to secure your home network and devices.

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