Partizan Security wins “The Best CCTV Mobile Application” at Adria Security Summit 2019 Excellence Awards.

One of Smarttech’s product partners, Partizan Security, has recently won a prestigious award at the Adria Security Summit held in the beautiful city of Skopje.

The international jury was highly impressed by the revolutionary Partizan mobile application. European quality, high safety standards, extensive functionality and speed, stylish and innovative user-friendly interface helped Partizan to win such big nomination. Moreover, the application can do any task – from viewing a video from a home camera to monitoring a professional video surveillance system.

The key advantages of the app are being able to view live video and working with the archive on one screen, one endless timeline, unique “Wireless Connect” technology for configuring and connecting wireless devices, low energy consumption of mobile devices.

Talking about additional functionality, there is the most diverse set of tools – one-click snapshots or video clips saving, gesture PTZ control, quick device adding wizard, in-app business card for installers and many more.

You can have a look at the latest apps from them for both Android and iOS at:

Partizan on the Play Market

Partizan on the App Store