CCTV Support and Installs

CCTV Installations

Our CCTV home and commercial installation service offers a wide range of options and products, with installation or remote setup assistance available.

Partizan Security is a European brand created in 2008. that holds a leading position on the market of video surveillance systems and CCTV security.

Therefore special attention is paid to research and development of innovative products. At Smarttech we offer modern solutions for AHD video surveillance, IP video surveillance and access control. We also install, configure the software to work with video surveillance and access control systems.

Partizan offers great value for money and the quality of a product plays a very important role in the whole manufacturing chain cost – from research and to production process and exploitation. At Smarttech we offer a complete solution for CCTV systems and video cloud storage.

CCTV Solutions Service

You can view details of our home, commercial and marine installation, commissioning and programming services. We can assist you with all your requirements and solutions you may need to bring your projects to life. If you have any questions please get in touch by phone, email or contact form.